Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old and New

Have you seen my "Knitting in 2012 - Finished Items" page? There are 21 projects there. What if I told you there should be 22? See, between the time that I wrote that post on 12/26 and the end of the year, I managed to squeeze in one more little project. Behold Ombre Cowl, finished literally on 12/31:

*Pssst! If you'd like to make your own, check out this post for "instructions" (it's so easy I hate to call it a pattern).

Does the yarn look familiar? Well it should because I actually frogged my Simple Cowl to make this. I just didn't like it that much, so when I saw the Ombre Cowl by Hilary Carr that I mentioned at No. 7 in my free cowl pattern round-up, I knew I had to make it. So here they are - the old and the new side by side:

I'm loving the update - it was worth redoing the cowl! What do you think?

PS. The colors are true-er on the left.


  1. Well, I think they both are nice. But I'm glad you are happy with your redo!

  2. I like both of them. I personally like the obre cowl design better, only because it fits snugger :) But that's my personal preference for cowls. Nice colors!


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